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I saw Julie for help with anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. These problems followed a long period of stress over many years and I am very grateful to Julie for the help she provided. She is an excellent and very empathic listener and I felt able to talk completely openly about my experiences and struggles, many of which would otherwise have been very difficult to confront. It's hard to describe how visceral and intense my symptoms could be and, in fact, I was afraid to begin therapy in case it made them any worse. I liked that Julie was very keen to give me the space to decide if she was the right person for me to work with. I am delighted to report that, thanks to the work I did with her, I am now pretty much fully recovered. CA 

Counselling has helped me through some terrible times, when the simplest of daily things have proven to be the most mammoth tasks. Initially, the biggest help was to be able to speak openly with someone who would listen without bringing in their own experiences. Also to be able to evaluate situations and given tools to help myself. I've found that counselling has definitely helped me through difficulties and to feel positive about life. VM 

Counselling is a challenging but rewarding experience. I was fortunate to find Julie, an empathetic listener who knew when to challenge me in my thought process to dig deeper, reconnect with my true self and find acceptance. Counselling also helped me to work on improving my work life balance. Don't wait any longer to start on your own journey towards self fulfilment. Thank you, Julie, for your guidance and for creating a safe haven which allowed me the time and space to grow. Sarah 

The benefits from my time in counselling are considerable. Over the course of my consultations feelings transformed and a greater sense of freedom emerged. This was reflected in an improved relationship with myself and, so I hope, with others. This was all made possible because of the warm, compassionate and non-judgmental atmosphere which infused the sessions. I always felt that I was treated and regarded as a whole person. Interpretations, when offered, invariably rang true. I'm sure that all this eased the path, helping me find ways to diffuse issues or, when appropriate, to integrate them more usefully into my life. This was a really significant process for me and I will always be grateful to Julie for her help and guidance. Graham 

Counselling with Julie has allowed me to break free from the cycle of anxiety that I had been trapped in for many years. Julie is a warm and empathetic, really listening to you and responding to your needs. It was wonderful to find a counsellor who had the ability to work with different counselling techniques, and through integrating talking therapy with systematic desensitisation, mindfulness and EMDR, we had the freedom to use whichever technique we felt was most appropriate at the time. Counselling requires a lot of hard work on the part of the client and at times overcoming your problems can seem like an insurmountable challenge, but Julie has such a calm and quietly confident manner, that with her I never felt overwhelmed by it. I have learnt so many useful techniques to help manage my anxiety and a much better understanding of anxiety that I can now confidently say that I am in control of it, it no longer controls me! Counselling with Julie has allowed me to grow as a person and through her compassion, I have learnt to be compassionate to myself. I thoroughly recommend Julie to anyone needing support. MA 

I've never been one to open up or talk about my feelings or thoughts, this bottling up led to some damaging behaviour. As soon as I started counselling with Julie I was able to really say how I felt and what was going on in my life. She helped me see so many things from different perspectives that I would never have found on my own. She understood and accepted everything I said. At my worst time Julie was able to help me turn it all around. Through her caring and understanding nature Julie helps you to identify not only problems you may face but the root and causes as well as. Julie really helped me to be happy with myself and using techniques I am able to see the world in a whole new way. Thank you for being there for me. I am forever grateful. HW